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Welcome to the CubiCal™ web site.
The 'ALL NEW' CubeTape 190 Series
Mobile Dimensioning & Data Terminal.
With Bluetooth (Class 2) or Batch.

The CubeTape 190 PRO is suited for use on parcel or pallet dimensioning and its mobile system combines the functions of a tape measure, barcode scanner and calculator in one single device, making it an integral and essential part of any modern and efficient distribution freight system or with an Android app. Also with enabled Scales, Pallet Jacks & Fork Lift Trucks. Suitable for so many areas of freight management. Either in 'Shipping, Warehousing' or 'On the Road' checking or receiving shipments, it's an efficient allocation of your transportation resources

The CubeTape 190 POS is the perfect portable solution for mobile or fixed position work stations. Compatable with major software or Android Apps with its Rechargeing/Bluetooth Cradle for critical areas where the items are hard to bring to the shipping area. Also ideal with portable power carts for
'Pick-N-Pack' or 'Warehouse Audits'

To view more details of the CubeTape 190 series, Please see 'Contact Us' to receive further information.

NOTE: Approved to Measurement Canada & NTEP Certification & Specifications

"From the smallest parcel, to the largest pallet & more, CubeTape,
it's all you need!"

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